Maybe I’m just a loverboy
Cuz I can’t think of anything else to bring me joy
Like standing there with you
Shootin shit with you
Cuz I got such bad luck with good girls
And good luck with the bad
But I promise you that Id make each day the best that you ever had
I could turn your life into Spielberg
If all I had was a chance
We could spend all winter long
In the snowy streets out in France
Or on the white beach in Jamaica
Under stars and palm trees
Put your heart in my hands
And let your hair blow in that calm breeze
And when spring comes I’ll pick every flower
Cuz they all remind me of you
No one girl should have all that power
But somehow you do
But nothin worth it is easy
If it was easy who would care
I know he don’t appreciate the time you spent on your hair
I mean I wish you would face it
You need to be with me
He forgot your birthday
I wrote you a symphony
About what it’d be like to you the world
And the ins and outs of life
I’ll show you what love means
Because your man is trife
But I hope your happy
I say that because it’s true
You gotta find your joy
Even if there’s no me and you

I made a song with a little help from my friends JOHN. and Jay John Henry

19 years young #visvim #saintlaurent

As if college hasn’t been good enough. #Margiela temp installation between classes. #MMM